My name is Ashlyin, from the small town of Hanmer, and I am representing the neighboring community of the Valley East! I have been greatly honored with this title after participating in the local Miss North Ontario 2016 Regional Canada Pageant where I placed Top 10. After MNO 2016, I fell in love and found a new passion for pageants. I have learned many valuable lessons and can say I have bettered myself as a person.

To introduce myself, I will start off by saying that I am 17 years of age.  If you would like to know the basics, my favorite color is burgundy, I love Asian food, I am a complete nerd, and I don’t do sports, sing, dance, art or any talent (except for gaming if that counts). Also, I am as original as I can get! I recently graduated from Confederation Secondary School in June, and will be moving on to Nipissing University this fall to study Criminal Justice, as I aspire to work in the field of Law Enforcement. Hopefully, I can achieve my dreams to become a Police Officer or a member of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligent Services). I came about this as I have always been active in my community! Volunteering is something I am very passionate about. It brings me joy to know that I can help the world one step at a time, and I will continue to do so throughout my life. Throughout my four years at Confederation, I have participated in abundant amounts of volunteering within the school, world and community. The one experience I will never forget is the humanitarian trip I went on. In March of 2015, 12 students from my school departed to Trinidad and Tobago with Habitat for Humanity. On the trip, we helped a very kind, poor family with the construction of a new home. Our group built the foundation of a bungalow in a weeks worth of time and effort (an American group finished the rest). Before their new home, a family of 5-6 lived in a shack no bigger than your bedroom, possibly even smaller. Despite their struggles, these amazing individuals lived life to the fullest. They always had a smile, they were friendly, and most of all, giving. Within our days of work, they provided us with many home grown watermelons and bananas and on our last day, gifted each volunteer with a key chain of Trinidad. It was absolutely amazing to see that people with almost nothing, were the most giving. Even their neighbors would stop by everyday to give a hand or to support the family and the building of their new home!  Experiencing their generosity and seeing their state of life taught me a very invaluable lesson, to love life everyday and to appreciate everything that is given to me. I believe everyone should hear this message and think about it. We need to understand and realize all of our advantages that some may never even have, and we need to stop taking life and things for granted!


10603203_804149202973091_8691223354386983378_nHere is the group picture of all Habitat for Humanity volunteers from both Trinidad (on the far left) and (Canada in the middle) and some of their family (on the far right).

And this was only one experience. With my many other volunteering opportunities, I’ve gained so many important lesson. I’ve been to the soup kitchen, pet save, a coach for the Special Olympics swim team, fundraisers for the NOFCC, and many, many more. With volunteering, an individual can gain so much and can change positively as a person. In my opinion, I think it is important to help change a life, or give back to your community in any way. I believe that just making someone smile while serving them hot tea at the Blue Door Soup Kitchen on a cold day can better both of our days.

On another subject, I would like to discuss a topic that is important to me and contributes to who I am. I  strongly believe in Animal Rights and spreading awareness about animals in captivity. I am a Vegetarian because of this, and am working on becoming Vegan again. I chose to make this change in my life because I realized how much suffering some harmless, living beings go through everyday for society’s own benefit. I will not go into detail, but I am touching upon this subject as it is going to be my platform! I love all animals with all my heart and it is extremely heartbreaking to have our world’s animals be our food, our entertainment, our clothes and disposable lab equipment. I believe that the world should know about these sufferings and to slowly make a change for them , that is more humane!

Make sure to stay tuned for my other blogs as I will be extensively explaining my platform on animals in captivity and my upcoming fundraisers for Free the Children and Fort McMurray!

All in all, this is my introduction! I have touched upon what I believe in, what I am passionate about, my platform and my aspirations. I hope this allows you to know a bit more about myself.  Hope that helps.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!
Ashlyin xoxoxo


Written by: Ashlyin

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