Our youth is our future. Us teenagers will soon be the role models in our society. I believe that the best way to prepare us is too simply, volunteer. Why volunteer you may ask?

Volunteering is good for you physically and mentally. Whether you’re helping out a neighbor with yard work or helping out at a fundraiser, you are getting some physical activity. Volunteering is good for you mentally because all of your energy and focus is on helping others! It is also one of the best feelings at the end of the day knowing that you have helped others in need.

By volunteering you can also gain experience with a career in your interest. For example, individuals that are interested in going into the medical field should volunteer at the hospital to see what it’s really like and gain experience.

In addition, volunteering in your community gives you the opportunity to meet so many great people, create friendships  and connections that will last a life time. Particularly, if you volunteer for a charity that you were personally affected by, you will meet  many others who have had similar experiences.

It is so important that teens get out and volunteer because it opens so many doors for them. It improves your social skills, develops your views on issues in the community,  gives you knowledge about different charities/ businesses, and gives you experience with different positions. Not only does it look good on a resume but it also makes you feel good to pay it forward.

IMGN-G&V-VounteeringInfographics-DCapture5666 Only 47% of Canadians volunteer and one of my goals is to promote volunteerism in youth to help make a difference in communities all over the world.  I love the idea of paying it forward which is doing a favor  for someone and not expecting anything in return. According to this chart, 58% of people between the ages of 15 to 24 volunteer and will hopefully increase over the years. We will be the generation of helping hands!

Without a doubt, volunteering improves your community in so many aspects. It improves you as an individual, supports families, schools, land, charities and so much more! When you volunteer you learn so much about yourself and your own community. You can discover talents that you never thought you had and gain knowledge of local resources available to solve community needs. It improves your independence and  changes your view on the world. Most importantly, by volunteering you’re making a difference!



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We live in the most astonishing country in the world and we have quite a few things that make us unique!

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

The Facts

  • Did you know that Canada has more lakes than any other country?
  • The province Ontario alone contains a third of the worlds fresh water  which is spread over 250,000 lakes.
  • Also, Canada placed third for the cleanest air on the planet.
  • We are the second largest country in the WORLD.
  • Canada is the worlds most educated country, over half of our residents have a college degree.
  • Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world.
  • With 1,896 km (1,178 mi), the YONGE street in Canada is the longest street in the world.


In Canada we accept all ethnicities! Our country consists of Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Danish, East Indian, English, Filipino, First Nations, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Jamaican, Jewish, Metis, Polish, Russian, Scottish, Swedish & many more! Our nation is accepting to all cultures and we respect all nationalities. A few reasons why immigranats come to  Canada is because, they are welcome  here, racial discrimination is at a minimum level, families can immigrate, there are many job opportunities and we are an English speaking country so people can easily adapt into the society.


We have the opportunity to experience all four seasons throughout the year. We go from being on the lake or sitting around the campfire with family and friends during the summer. To riding on our snowmobiles, skiing, ice fishing and playing in the snow during the winter. Personally, Canada is the most beautiful place to live in.




  • Niagara Falls in Toronto, Ontario canada-ontario-niagara-falls-2
  • Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta
  • CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario
  • Old Quebec, in Quebec Ontariocanada-banff-national-park-moraine-lake-2
  • Whistler, in Vancouver
  • Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, in Ottawa
  • Calgary Stampede (10 day fair), in Calgary


  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • FootballCanada-001
  • Basket Ball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Figure Skating
  • Swimming
  • Curling



In conclusion, its hard to express how amazing Canada is with words. We are full of acceptance, beauty, justice, improvement, opportunities and more! Canada is truly a beautiful & free country that I’m proud to call home!




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bannerScalableDSC_3905The Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant took place on April 30th- May 2nd 2015. It was definitely a phenomenal experience. I had one year to prepare for it and gave it my best. I planned several fundraisers for the charity Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer which were very successful. The experience of preparing for Miss North Ontario really opened my eyes to the fact that you can do anything you set your mind to. It helped me realize all of the great things that I’m capable of. I’d like to thank each and everyone of my sponsors from the bottom of my heart, Gerry Kingsley Photography, Julie Perreault Scentsy Consultant, Stanly Hebert, Justin Belcourt, April Pitfield, Ted Pitfield, Crystal Gilbert, Marc Serre, Blue Sky Insurance (in North Bay), Pitfield’s General Store, Pitfields Construction, Roxanne Belliveau, June McLellan, John Zeufle, Marcel Belcourt, Zona Belcourt and Lisa Damerino, you guys helped me get to where I am today! Id also like to say that I am so proud of all of my roommates,  we all ended up being finalists for Miss Teenage Canada! 11196296_432646436904987_4054419849724962575_nWe all got along so well and we created a friendship that will last forever. I’d like to thank the director of Miss North Ontario, Cheryl Kozlera for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an amazing weekend. She put so much time and effort into the pageant. When we were at the hotel we had activities planned from morning until night which were all about self acceptance, confidence & more! You’re the best Cheryl!

My talent for the Preliminary Night was dramatically lip syncing Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Everyone had a good laugh and I had a blast on the stage. Everyone’s performances were amazing and so much fun to watch! Congratulations Katie Lynn Harper for winning the talent award !

Capture Capture2







After countless sleepless nights, the FINAL NIGHT finally came. I didn’t enter Miss North Ontario to win anything, I was only there for the experience. But when my name got called up for 7  awards I was truly blown away! I made it to the top 15, won the pre-pageant award, most organized delegate, Entrepreneur Runner- Up, Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer Ambassador Runner-Up, Evening Gown Award Runner-Up, People’s Choice Award Runner- Up with over 300,000 votes and I was chosen as a finalist for Miss Teenage Canada.DSC_2934co When I was called for the top 15 I almost cried because….for one, I was so shocked and I was freaking out about the question I had to answer on stage, I had no idea what too expect! Capture3

The mic was finally was pointing at me and the question asked was ”  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?” My answer was, ” I would like to go to Tanzania in Africa because that’s where my sponsor child is from. Dianna is 16 years old and lives with 9 siblings, we write back and fourth every month and I donate money to her. They don’t have a lot of money so I would like to go visit to help her and her community out in any way possible.” After that Question I was eliminated. Although, I wasn’t upset, I was just happy to have the opportunity to even make it that far! After I sat down I got called up again on stage to be a Miss Teenage Canada Finalist chosen by Miss Teenage Canada 2014 herself, Francesca McFadden. Chelsee Taylor Photography captured the moment I got called up with my best friend Brooklynn Leblanc. It was such an exciting moment for both of us!DSC_4645 We never knew each other before the pageant and were assigned as roommates. Brooklynn and I instantly clicked and had so much in common! She is basically my sister and I’m so  thankful to have her in my life today. I definitely can’t wait to go to Miss Teenage Canada  with her! Also, I’d like to congratulate Kara Fillion for winning the title of Miss North Ontario 2015, you deserved it and worked so hard! I’m so proud of you and you’re a beautiful girl inside & out:)

To conclude, Miss North Ontario was an amazing experience and I’m so excited for Miss Teenage Canada. Watch out MTC 2015, the Northern Ontario girls are coming for ya!



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Hello everyone,


11535882_899815743398350_949201238079063907_nTo start off I’d like to share that last weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Sudbury Kids & Pet Expo hosted by Dynamic Eventz. The fundraiser was for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury. There were several vendors, bounce houses, fashion shows, dog shows, reptile shows and much more! It was a wonderful day that I was happy to be apart of.

Then on Monday Morning I had my very first radio interview with my favorite radio station KICX 91.7 Sudbury’s Hot New Country!

1920430_902131109833480_7827176484260984744_nBrad & Leanne interviewed me live and I had the opportunity to talk about my experience at Miss North Ontario, preparing for Miss Teenage Canada, upcoming fundraisers and how pageants are much more than just walking in a beautiful dress, its all about what’s on the inside. A huge thank you goes out to the station for supporting me! They also wrote a blog about me and my upcoming event “Crown The Night” on their website  go check it out!

Throughout this week I’ve also been busy with being on set for the film Country Crush. In May I was in Toronto on set with them as well (which was my very first time being in a movie). Being on set has made me realize how much hard work and effort it takes to make a film! It was an amazing experience, especially because I got to meet so many new people.1555343_901373466575911_4946803786128664863_n

I also had the chance to meet the wonderful Degrassi star Munro Chambers and actress/ country singer Madeline Merlo. They are both so talented and it was a pleasure working with them. Madeline Merlo is also opening for Dean Brody & Paul Brandt this October in Sudbury, Ontario. I absolutely love her music, check out her song “Alive” which is available on YouTube & iTunes.



Yesterday I volunteered at my elementary school Valley View Public School to read and do activities with the younger kids. It was truly an amazing day being with all of the children and seeing all of my old teachers who have helped me become the person I am today. I have a passion for working with kids, it’s definitely something I would like to pursue in the future. I got some cute questions from the kids such as ” Are you the real Queen of England?” “Are you a Disney princess, and do you live their?” “I want to be like you when I’m older”…etc. I’d like to thank Valley View Public School for having me, I will definitely be back to visit next year!

To wrap things up, this week I will be busy preparing for an audition for the lead role in the film called A Life To Love and enjoying my very last week of 11th grade. Have a great week everyone!

~Miss Teenage Valley East

Quote of the day: ” Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.”


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10273430_942241122485372_6090982168940452721_nGood evening readers!

I have had an incredible past week. I’ve been busy with fundraisers for the charity Free The Children, being on set for a new TV Series and spending time with family!

Earlier in the week I went to the beautiful town of Killarney, Ontario where all of my family is from. I spent my time relaxing at the lighthouse, visiting my family and eating fish & chips at my family’s business Herbert’s Fisheries. Then I had the pleasure of being on set for the TV series Letter Kenny playing the role of a hockey players girlfriend, it was a fun experience and I got to meet so many amazing people! I also had the opportunity to go to NOSSA (Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics) track and field to watch my boyfriend race.  I’m very proud to announce that he won 1st place. Skyler Savage- Perreault is the fastest 100m runner in all of Northern Ontario!FullSizeRender

Over the weekend I held my very first fundraiser to help me raise funds to attend Miss Teenage Canada. It was held at Bell Park in Sudbury, Ontario and was called “Beauty At The Bell”. The high fashion photographer Chelsee Taylor Photography volunteered her time to do mini photo-shoots and I ended up being the makeup artist for the girls who came out.  Check out her website . I’ve been doing photo shoots with her for the past couple of years and she is unreal talented. Back to the fundraiser, It was my first time being out in public with my sash and crown and IT WAS AWESOME! My favorite part of the day was having kids come up to me telling me I looked like a princess and wanted to take pictures with me, it was sooooo cute! Here are some sneak peak photos from the day 🙂11393272_941291935913624_5135236278866134409_n

10660353_941291955913622_6986293827968893965_nMy next fundraiser coming up is for the charity Free The Children on July 4th 2015 at Cousin Vinnys Restaurant in Hanmer. It is called “Crown The Night” There will be a silent auction and Morgan Williston & Joey Hamline will be singing all night to raise money for this amazing cause. Tickets are being sold starting today for only $5.00.  If you live in the Sudbury area and would like to purchase a ticket you can contact me at or get your tickets at the door.  Anyways, that sums up my week! I hope you all have a great night.

~Miss Teenage Valley East

Quote of the day: “My life was forever changed the day I realized there was a big difference between having a dream & chasing it”




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Hello everyone!

My name is Chelsey, I am 16 years old, proudly representing my wonderful community Valley East. I’m an honor roll student in the 11th grade at Confederation Secondary School. In the future I would like to become a pediatric nurse for children with cancer.  I’ve recently been busy with volunteering for the charity Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer, participating in the Confederation Food Drive each year, volunteering for various sports events, organizing my own fundraisers and much more!

When I was younger I was the shyest  little girl EVER, but all of that changed when I began acting, singing and modeling. It gave me more confidence and helped me get out of my shell. To this day I continue modeling in fashion shows and working with several photographers. I’ve also recently had the honor of being on set for the movie Country Crush and the TV series Letter Kenny. I enjoy big cities but also love the outdoors. You can find me laying on the beach soaking up the sun or quading in the gooey mud. Some of my hobbies are knee boarding, camping, reading, poetry, playing piano, playing guitar and of course… SHOPPING!!

This year has been absolutely incredible for me because I have overcame so many obstacles and grown as an individual. I’ve learnt that the most important thing to do is to stay positive. You may not be in control of the situation but you are in control of how you react to it. I’ve also become more aware of how many great things a person can do when they set their mind to something. While I was preparing for Miss North Ontario 2015 I planned fundraisers for Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer and it was such an amazing feeling knowing that I accomplished something I never thought I was capable of. It was also such a rewarding feeling at the end of the day knowing that I raised money for families going through such a hard time.

To sum things up,  I am so excited and feel so grateful for this opportunity to represent Valley East in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. Thank you so much everyone who has been supporting me and helping me through this journey!

Quote of the day:

“She turned her cant’s into cans & her dreams into plans.”


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Courtney-Taylor Farinha, 18, to compete in Miss Teenage Canada

As part of her participation in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant next month, 18-year-old Courtney-Taylor Farinha is organizing a Free the Children fundraiser.
The “A Night in the Life” fundraiser, which takes place starting at 5:30 p.m. July 13 at the Caruso Club, includes a dinner, live music, a dance and a silent auction.
The Miss Teenage Canada participant who raises the most money for Free the Children is given the chance to volunteer abroad for the charity for two weeks, something Farinha said she’s always wanted to do.
The Grade 12 Confederation Secondary School student said she hopes to raise at least $10,000 for the charity, which focuses on sustainable development in developing countries and encourages youth from developed countries to make a difference in the world.
This isn’t Farinha’s first involvement with Free the Children.
As a member of the Rainbow District School Board’s student senate, she was involved with bringing former child soldier and Free the Children speaker Michel Chikwanine to Sudbury this spring.
Farinha said she’s hoping she can get Chikwanine to record a video message to be played at her fundraiser.
She won the right to compete in Miss Teenage Canada through her participation in Miss North Ontario in May.
She made the top 10 at Miss North Ontario and was also awarded the runner-up “Beauty with a Purpose” title for her volunteer work. Not bad considering it was her first pageant.
“I wasn’t expecting it whatsoever,” Farinha said. “I really just did it for the fun of it, and just for the experience.”
Farinha, who has been involved in her school’s Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving chapter, volunteered at the soup kitchen and organized school food drives, said community involvement is important to her.
The Hanmer resident, who will be competing at Miss Teenage Canada as Miss Teenage Valley East, said she’s excited for the pageant, which takes place July 18-26.
She admits she’s nervous, though.
“It’ll be in front of a lot of people, and I have stage fright,” Farinha said.


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I would like to introduce everyone to the MC of my event, Vivian Ip!

This stunning 25 year old entrepreneur will be taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to come out and support Free the Children July 13th and you should too! Vivi…an is the owner of “Reggie’s crepes – Healthy eats & sweet treats” located in Val Caron (2987 Hwy 69 North) and this is not her first time that she will be generously donating towards a great cause. Recently Vivian held a heart and stroke fundraiser, Soup 4 the Soul, and raised $1,700 which was all donated to the heart and stroke in memory of a close family friend/the man who inspired the name of her café, Reg Gascon.
Vivian is enthusiastic, caring, gorgeous and very friendly so don’t be afraid to say hi to her at the event if you have any questions about Reggie’s crepes or plan on dropping by to try her delicious crepes! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Vivian will be the best choice for an MC for this event and will have every guest laughing throughout the event.
If anyone is interested in stopping by her café, it is located at, 2987 Hwy 69 North, and operates from Tue – Fri: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm and Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. Her menu includes, sweet and savory crêpes, healthy homemade soups, salads, fusion teas, milkshakes and more! Be sure to check out her facebook page for more information,
“It’s a lot of difficult work, but I am happy that I am here now. I’m glad that I listened to the advice of my closest friends and that of Reggie, who always encouraged me to keep going. This is what I’m supposed to be doing, giving people healthy options during everyone’s fast-paced life.” – Vivian Ip
* Also, tickets for my Free the Children fundraiser are available at Reggie’s crepes up until the day of the event! They are $40.00 a person.*
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Date:Sunday, July 13th 2014

Time: 5:30pm – 12:00am

Location: Caruso Club – Main Banquet Hall (Sala da Vinci)

385 Haig Street, Sudbury, ON P3C 1C5

Price: tickets are $40.00 per person (only 300 tickets available)

Details: A Night in the Life is a fundraiser organized by myself, Courtney-Taylor Farinha, otherwise known as Miss Valley East and Miss Hanmer. Come out to the Caruso club in Sudbury on Sunday July 13th for and evening of amazing food, entertainment and prizes. This evening will include a live performance by local artists Rob Perrault as well as another musician, Alana Bianchin, an Italian styled dinner, a dance sponsored by Entertainment Solutions, an auction including a variety of items donated by local businesses, door prizes and much more to look forward to! This is a once in a lifetime event that you absolutely can not miss! To purchase tickets please buy them through my website by clicking on “tickets!” or please contact me personally at (705)662-3817 or!

ALL money raised will be donated directly to Free the Children!

Written by: Courtney-Taylor Farinha
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